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Art education is an important part of the modern education concept. Among the five educations "moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic", art education is closer to "aesthetic education", but it also involves the other four. Art education not only cultivates students' creativity, imagination and expression skills, but also establishes a healthy lifestyle to cultivate students' problem-solving abilities. On the other hand, art can also be used as a medium for students to learn the content of traditional subjects, such as learning language through drama.

Arts education includes dance, drama, music, visual arts, literature, film, animation, photography and digital media. In addition to teaching artistic creation skills (such as musical instruments, dance steps, and acting skills), students should also focus on their thinking, aesthetics, creation, and communication skills.

Participating in various large-scale competitions and activities is an exercise method based on artistic activities, which will subtly influence or change the child's body, mind and thoughts. Music will make the child have a noble personality, dance will make the child beautiful and healthy, and drama performance will make the child The eyes of children who are rich in emotions and study art are obviously different from those of children who study hard. They are full of spirituality and imagination. What are the benefits of actively participating in performances and competitions for children's growth?

1. Create a sense of participation and cultivate enthusiasm and initiative in affairs:
Competition activities focus on participation. Children who participate in them will actively prepare to improve their performance and be proactive in their studies, thus cultivating their proactive character.

2. Create a sense of competition:
There is competition in competitions. Through competition, we can find gaps, cultivate competitive awareness, find gaps and deficiencies, and promote learning.

3. Build a brave personality, eliminate fear, and liberate your nature:
Competition activities have a stage, allowing children to stand in the center of thousands of people, face different eyes and expressions, exercise their bravery, and gradually overcome their inner fears, allowing children to liberate their usual nature in full view of the public, and cultivate children to dare to do so in the future. Face the public with a calm and mature attitude!

4. The best method of frustration education:
Proper education on setbacks for children can strengthen their mentality and self-care methods when they grow up to face setbacks in life. The competition itself is divided into high and low levels. In competition activities, those who do not achieve ideal results, make mistakes in their performance, and have differences in their own levels will Let the children view their own failures on their own! Use motivation to face failure and try again, with an indomitable and strong personality!

5. Learn to appreciate and eliminate jealousy:
During the competition, children must learn to appreciate outstanding others. The purpose of appreciation is to understand beautiful things and people. It is okay to be inferior to others in skills, but don’t be jealous or feel lost in your heart! Cultivate children with a healthy mind. , have a broad mind, don't be jealous, and grow up to be a generous and understanding person.

6. Look for shortcomings and maintain and promote the excellent side:
During the competition, it is a process of mutual learning and communication. No matter how good the results are, there are still shortcomings. Let the children know their own shortcomings and their excellent places. They should improve the shortcomings and do not make excuses. Let the children know their outstanding aspects. Maintain, gradually improve, and achieve perfection, so as to educate children to guard against arrogance, impetuosity, and the never-ending law of things.

7. Encourage and share, so that children can be affirmed and build self-confidence. Modifications:
The competition process is very important. The result of the competition is the affirmation and encouragement of the children. Sharing the honor will give the children a certain sense of achievement. The generation of the sense of achievement is the beginning of self-confidence! Self-confidence is what children must have and grow up. Maintain a positive attitude!

Children who have participated in activities many times are obviously different from those who have participated less often. The confident eyes, calm hearts, and calm expressions on the stage are all the result of repeated training. This is also the result of quality education, creating a perfect child. The child's physical and mental health will accompany the child's healthy growth, providing a reliable guarantee for the child's development and future.