Dream Playground Drawing Competition 2023



Entry procedure: 1) For unframed flat paintings not exceeding 39 cm × 57 cm in size 2) After completing the work, scan or take a clear photo of the entry and WhatsApp it to 9483 1608 3) Wait for the results to be announced Dream Playground Drawing Competition 2023 Registration fee: Free Competition category: Kindergarten PN group / Kindergarten K1 group / Kindergarten K2 group / Kindergarten K3 group Elementary school P.1~P.2 group / Elementary school P.3~P.4 group / Elementary school P.5~P.6 group Competition format: Participants are required to make unframed flat paintings no larger than 39 cm × 57 cm in size. There is no limit to the paint. They are free to choose wood color, crayon, oil pastel, watercolor, advertising paint, plastic paint, etc. Submit your work: Please scan or take a clear photo of your entry (only PDF/JPG/JPEG/PNG file formats are accepted), along with the name of the contestant and the participating group, Whatsapp to 9483 1608 Evaluation criteria: 50% relevant to the topic Painting and composition skills 30% Unique and creative 20% Deadline for submission of works: July 16, 2023 Competition results announcement date: Winners will be notified individually on July 19, 2023. Awards: Gold Award (Judge points 90 or above) Silver Award (Judge points 80 or above) Bronze Award (Judge points 70 or above) Merit Award (judge points below 70) *All winners can apply for customized certificates and trophies with the names of the contestants printed on them Competition rules and statement: 1. All contestants’ works must be uploaded before the deadline. Late submissions will not be accepted. 2. All entries must be the entrant’s work, and other people’s works are not allowed to be used in the competition. 3. Entries must be original and not infringe the rights of third parties (including intellectual property rights, confidentiality rights or privacy rights). Any violation will result in disqualification from participating or winning prizes. If the entries violate any laws, all legal responsibilities will be borne by the entrants and the Association will not be held responsible 4. All entries must not contain obscenity, violence, pornography, defamation, bad consciousness, insulting elements or any controversial and inappropriate content. Otherwise, the entry will be disqualified without further notice. 5. Entries must not contain promotional commercial or political elements. 6. The personal information provided by the contestants will only be used for competition contact and distribution of competition notifications. 7. Please ensure that the personal information of the contestants is correct. This website is not responsible for any errors. 8. Winners are not allowed to transfer their eligibility to win the prize to any other person. 9. Once participants upload their files to participate, they agree to accept all the terms and conditions of the competition. If the organizer believes that there is any violation of the relevant terms and conditions of the competition, it reserves the right to disqualify the contestant from participating and winning at any time. This competition does not have any appeal mechanism. 10. Participants agree to abide by all arrangements made by the organizer for the competition and have the final right to make the final decision, including the interpretation, change, cancellation or suspension of the terms and conditions of the competition, prizes and other arrangements without prior notice. 11. The judging results shall be subject to the decision of the Association. Participants shall abide by the decision of the Association and shall not raise objections. 12. The organizer has the final and binding right to make the final and binding decision on this competition (such as competition format, participation qualifications, prize qualifications, prize list and prize collection arrangements, etc.). 13. All contestants must abide by all competition rules and regulations. Submission and participation constitutes agreement and understanding of the competition regulations and statements. Disclaimer: Where permitted by law, the organizer will waive all legal liability and compensation arising from this event or prizes. The organizer will not be liable to any person for any personal injury, death, loss, damage or liability (whether caused directly, indirectly or otherwise) arising from the relevant activities, including but not limited to loss of income, profit or reputation. , any computer error, the abnormal operation of any computer, communication or facility, any lack or inadequacy of services provided by a third party, or any notice lost or lost due to a postal error. responsible for any loss, damage or liability. This fee is only used to confirm the registration place. Those present on the day of the competition can contact offline staff with their payment records for a full refund.